Monday, April 19, 2010

Security Envelope Art

Happy Earth Week / Month / Day! (This holiday has really grown, depending on who you talk to). I thought it would be appropriate to upcycle materials when embellishing this lunchbox, it's for the Spring Handmade Cavalcade raffle. Wooo, security envelopes and mod podge! Come to the Cavalcade this weekend for your chance to win this, or one of 4 other embellished lunch boxes, filled with handmade goodies.

The "lightbulb" filled with origami stars is a sneak peek at a new product that will be available at Crafts in Chelsea on May 8th, 2010.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a Handmade {NewNew} Valentine

The artisans that make the {NewNew} Etsy team so fabulous are already stocked for Valentine's Day! Wouldn't it be sweet to give your valentine this Secret Heart pin? It has a secret pocket in the back, just the right size for a little love note. Or, use it to present a ring or pair of earrings?

Secret Heart Brooch, handsewn felt, $5.00 by Lipeony

I just recommended a "Sayings" print from Virginia Kraljevic to a friend looking for an anniversary present, and discovered this charmer while browsing her shop:

Magic Bunny, 8x10" print, $18.00, virginiakraljevic

And, if you have no Valentine, this NYC graffitti card from ApertureAgog has the perfect sentiment:

F--- Valentines, photography notecard, $4.00, ApertureAgog

Now, to find a subtle way to make sure DH reads this...

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Shop Feature: Sparkle Beast Designs

If the name Sparkle Beast isn't catchy enough, just check out her wares:

Love it! The artist behind Sparkle Beast, Natalie, sets the rhinestones onto mesh fabric and finishes the necklaces with coordinating ribbons. I met Natalie a few years ago through our shared hobby of cosplay- namely dressing up like cartoon characters and nerding around for a weekend. She's known for meticulous colorful beadwork in her cosplay creations, so naturally she brought it to her jewelry line! I think any of these would look stellar with a little black dress. The crazy thing is- they're only $12.99 - $29.99!
I'm looking forward to seeing Natalie at Katsucon next month, one of the conventions where nerds like us show off our latest costumes. I have a booth in the artist alley, Natalie better stop by to say hello and show me what she's wearing!
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cute overload!

So, I have an adorable chinchilla:
on the internet
Her name is Momo, although we usually call her Chilla, Butts, Chillabutts, or Momobutts. My husband and I adopted her via PetFinder two years ago.

Just when you thought rodents didn't get cuter than big round chinchillas, my friend Mo posted pictures of her new flying squirrel, Ricochet!
Again, with the Cling?
Super adorable! Apparently she's not "flying" yet, but with a face that cute, who cares?
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Thanks to everyone who made 2009 awesome, I had a blast! Merry Christmas, from Santapus and me!
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How not to be a jerk in NYC during the Holidays

Last weekend I took some out of state friends around NYC to do holiday touristy type things. *shudders* Ok, it wasn't that bad. Here are some tips if your friends ask you to be a tour guide:

1- Hopstop! I commute into Grand Central daily to my job in the West Village. My husband works uptown, near "Museum Mile". As such, those are the only two areas of Manhattan I really know. So, swallow your pride, and hopstop out a walking / subway plan to get from points A to B.

2- That big tree? It's crowded. Go early. Don't walk on 5th Avenue to get there, try a block on either side to avoid a lot of the slow-moving crowds.

3- Taking the subway with out-of-towners? Save yourself a headache and buy a metrocard for them ahead of time. Hold onto it, and swipe them all through. It's way easier than waiting for everyone to buy a card, then patiently explaining how to swipe it correctly.
3a- If you're heading into Manhattan via Metro North the 10-trip off peak is the best ticket to buy. Multiple people can use it for one trip, it's cheaper and faster than getting multiple single round-trip tickets.

4- Grand Central Station has the cleanest public bathrooms. Go downstairs to the food court, and head to the west bathrooms, they tend to be less crowded. Once the potty break is over check out the food court, Holiday marketplace, the Transit museum annex, the whisper spot by the Oyster Bar, and yes- the laser show. This year Rudolph interacts with the constellations on the ceiling in the main hall. Super cheesy, and hella cute.

5- Make it special! Don't stick to Rockefeller and Times Square. After scoping out the tree and grabbing lunch we headed to Mood Fabrics, where Project Runway contestants shop during the competition. We may or may not have said "Make it Work" several times...

6- Panhandlers- I was shocked to see the United Homeless Organization in Rockefeller Center. These guys were just busted as a fraud, now there's a court order barring them from collecting money on the streets. My other favorite has to be the woman panhandling on the subway asking for food for her kids. Yeah, it's sad until you look behind her and see the poster for "Kids Eat Free Everyday, call 311 for locations"! I've since seen the same lady on the same subway for the past 2 years, her story just changes a little to go with current events. Don't be a sucker, there's a reason why so many panhandlers hang out near the tourist hot-spots.

7- Plan out where to eat ahead of time, sites like Menupages, Open Table and are awesome for choosing restaurants, getting reservations and discounts. If you have a picky crowd head to Chelsea Market or the aforementioned Grand Central Market. Bonus at Chelsea Market- there's a rotating storefront with sample sales or promotional events. You've got a good chance of free samples, or discounted Kid Robot toys!

Locals- Remember, only you can prevent horizontal lines of people on the sidewalks! Keep toward the buildings while walking. The curb side of the walkway is reserved for natives who know where they are going. (Tip courtesy Sean, my native Queens consultant). Make sure your tourists are aware of their surroundings! As we waited for the shuttle train I reminded my friend that if the subway door opens in front of her, she should move to the side. She replied "duh". Duh indeed! Be nice to the New Yorkers, be aware of your surroundings, and call me if you happen to step into the Cash Cab!
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Friday, October 23, 2009

New in the shop- Decoupage bangles!

New in the etsy shop today- Decoupage Bangles! I'm diversifying the shop in time for holiday shopping. These bracelets are really popular at shows, and now for the first time they're available through etsy. There are two up this morning, one wrapped in manga, the other with "Little Big Planet" images from a game magazine. More are coming soon, and custom orders are welcome.
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My favorite pumpkin

I helped make this pumpkin in 2003 back when I worked at an aquarium. So cool! I did get a little help with the power drilling required, and the design was inspired by a pumpkin in a magazine. Still, it's the coolest jack-o-lantern I've ever had a hand in. It's amazing what can happen when you turn something on it's side!
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Woo New York Anime Fest!

Ok, this is crazy fun. Day 3 starts tomorrow, and so far I'm overwhelmed by all the new fans of my quirky stuff! I'm only on the computer to print out more business cards. Stop by the Javits Center at 12:15 tomorrow if you want to see the husband and I modeling in the "Neo-Victorian Fashion Show"! It should be a lot of fun, pics later!
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Upcoming Shop Special! NYAF Preview!

I've been making some really cool, one of a kind items in anticipation of New York Anime Fest taking place later this month. Last year's festival was my first show (not counting selling hair scrunchies at craft fairs with my mom) and inspired me to open up shop on etsy.

So, while this is very cool, I realize that most of my etsy sales go far away to other states and countries. It would be very cool if everyone could come to the show, because it'll be a really fun time, but I know that isn't feasible. So here's what I'll do- starting this Saturday I'll list a OOAK piece- it could be a decoupage bracelet, funky necklace, hand-painted kokeshi doll, or quirky kilt pin- and leave it up until the festival on September 25th.

sneak peak of Mini Kokeshi dolls in progress by ~roserevolution on deviantART

I'll announce the listings here, and on twitter. I'll also post a little more about my inspiration for the piece. Thank you to all my fabulous etsy customers (all 47 of you!) and don't miss your chance to snap up something totally unique from me!
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