Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spoils of war

I had promised myself that a new paper cutter was first on the list of things to buy with any profit from the show last weekend. I priced out several, read some reviews, and decided on a 12" Dahle guillotine. The DH and I met up after work, took a trip to Dick Blick, and lo! We are now the proud owners of a sharp, dangerous chopping device!

For the record- the Dick Blick on Bond Street in NYC is sweet! It has usurped Canal Street's Pearl Paint in my opinion. They have a lot of the same merchandise, but the layout is so much simpler at DB. It's cleaner too, everything at Pearl seems to be covered in a layer of grime. I also picked up some glitter, mini-canvases, and more acrylic varnish.

The picture has nothing to do with this post, really. I just adore this phone strap. It will be listed in the shop soon! I'm going to have to restock on ninjas. They came from Pandora's Locker, which has a plethora of fun kitschy charms.
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