Monday, January 26, 2009

Thinking Pink...

I tried out taking photos against a colored background, namely a scrap of pink fabric. Overall I'm pretty happy with them, but will look for a background paper so I don't have to iron the fabric everytime I do photos. I made lots of triple dangles~ I think the green pair was first! So far only the pinks are listed in my shop, but the rest will go up as the week goes on.

I also rephotographed my cards, and I'm much happier with them!

The {newnew} street team meeting on Saturday was really cool. I went in very intimidated, and that wasn't helped by the fact that I sat about 2 feet away from Maria, the CEO of etsy! I managed to overcome my shyness a bit, it helped that lots of other new people were there. It did take almost all day to get from Connecticut to Brooklyn and back, but it was definitely worth it.


BookWormz said...

awesome!! What was Maria like? I would love to pick her brain!!

KimmChi said...

It was wonderful that you could make it! Those in person meetings really do help to build a sense of comraderie in the group. Hope you left feeling like you had more friends:)