Monday, February 2, 2009

...fifty nifty United States...

I've been finding out all sorts of interesting tidbits with Google Analytics. Last Friday I had over 100 hits to my shop for the first time, and most of my referalls come from twitter, followed by the {NewNew}'s team blog, then twittergadget!

At the end of last week I twittered about another Google Analytics fact- only 4 of the 50 states showed 0 visitors! There were a few good guesses, Jen Pepper of Upstate Fancy correctly guessed South Dakota. One of my IRL friends hit the mark with Montana. The other two were West Virginia and Iowa.

As of last night though...all 50! It doesn't really mean much for my shop, but I'm happy that all of America has clicked in. The international stats are even more fun!

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Simone said...

Interesting. Well, I don't have 100 hits, but yesterday 25% of my hits were from Twitter and 25% were from the NewNew blog. So, go NewNew, and tweet more!