Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring, is it you?

I do believe the weather in New York has finally settled on being Spring, at least for a week. We'll see how long this holds out.

My computer is in the shop due to a run-in with a particularly nasty trojan. It should be back this week with a fresh hard drive. Sadly I may have lost the latest round of photos, which include a friend's wedding, and my newest jewelry.

Without the ability to list new things I've tried out renewing on etsy, but I still feel that things are getting a little stale. I'd love to show you all the new phone charms and pins I've been creating! I've deviated a bit from my usual style with new beads and findings, as well as a lot of new-to-me vintage goodies. It's amazing how much inspiration can come from a simple jar of buttons.

I will be back when my computer is back up and running, with lots of new and different product! Also, I am confirmed as a vendor for New York Anime Fest 2009, I look forward to returning!

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