Thursday, September 3, 2009

Upcoming Shop Special! NYAF Preview!

I've been making some really cool, one of a kind items in anticipation of New York Anime Fest taking place later this month. Last year's festival was my first show (not counting selling hair scrunchies at craft fairs with my mom) and inspired me to open up shop on etsy.

So, while this is very cool, I realize that most of my etsy sales go far away to other states and countries. It would be very cool if everyone could come to the show, because it'll be a really fun time, but I know that isn't feasible. So here's what I'll do- starting this Saturday I'll list a OOAK piece- it could be a decoupage bracelet, funky necklace, hand-painted kokeshi doll, or quirky kilt pin- and leave it up until the festival on September 25th.

sneak peak of Mini Kokeshi dolls in progress by ~roserevolution on deviantART

I'll announce the listings here, and on twitter. I'll also post a little more about my inspiration for the piece. Thank you to all my fabulous etsy customers (all 47 of you!) and don't miss your chance to snap up something totally unique from me!


Yuri said...

these are adorable :3

Oley said...

how adorabley