Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

So...somehow Election Day was a floating holiday for certain government employees today. I voted, got my free Starbucks coffee, supported the economy by purchasing socks, played copious amounts of Rock Band 2, and printed up some Sugar & Spice cards.

In addition to the one that sold in my etsy shop, one of my husband's co-workers bought 5. This is my first time reusing a gocco screen. I took it out of the freezer two days ago, and ran some test prints. I had to clean coagulated ink out of some of the letters, but it turned out pretty well. I did a better job cleaning it and returned it to the freezer for another day. I have about 49 cards here. Six are flat, which was a purchasing error on my part. I'll package them together and put them in the shop. I think I'll sell the rest in sets of five. With the exception of the flat cards these were cut and folded by hand.

After snapping photos of the card lab my DH turned the camera on our chinchilla. Her name is Momo, but we mostly call her Chilla.

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