Saturday, November 22, 2008

Three more pairs!

I'm sticking with my goal of one listing a day all week, these three cover Thursday through today. I really like them all, but the blue manga pair is my favorite. The star on the left features Nana, my absolute favorite manga / best things I've read ever. It's hard to tell from the photo, but it's Nana O's eye, she's looking up at Ren onstage. I made tons of stars from the chapter of the first concert.

The pair on the left is from either a Pier 1 or Pottery Barn catalog. I liked the mix of patterns. None of the earrings match, but they go together. They're among the first stars I folded specifically to make into jewelry. I like this particular design personally, they're the right blend of delicate and chunky, but still very lightweight. Plus the stars have a lot of movement so you can see both sides easily.

The pair in the top right is made from that Japanese Teen type maganze I picked up for $1 at Book-Off. It has the most fabulous quirky stuff in it. Apparently Japanese teenage girls have an obsession with Disney, so I have a lot of stars with Stitch, Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, and other characters. These stars came from a page of tiny pictures and notes. There's a small hand-drawn heart, the word "friend" in English, and hand-written text.

In life news, I got to show my parents around the park I work in yesterday. It was freezing, but still a lot of fun. Afterwards we ate sushi at Chelsea Market. I love that I have parents that love sushi. Today the DH and I met up with friends to see Twilight, which pretty much met my expectations. Cheesy, but fun to watch. I'm optimistic that the sequels will be better since they won't have to introduce so many characters. Tomorrow I'm going to continue holiday crafting, hopefully I'll have a lot of finished pieces to give away by Thanksgiving (then I can right about them here!)

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