Saturday, December 6, 2008

Back from the cavalcade!

I had a blast at the {NewNew} Handmade Cavalcade! My mom met me at Grand Central, and a co-worker met us at the Knitting Factory. Two of my friends went as well, but I didn't run into them. I bought a sampler from Dirty Loves Clean, and the most awesomest tote bag in the history of tote bags from Fact & Fancy. The swag in the goodie bag was amazing! I love the earrings from Silver Dot Designs, as well as the uptown / downtown pendant and all the pins, stickers, postcards, and other goodies. I've yet to sort through it all.

After the show my mom and I walked to Little Italy for some delicious pasta, then to EMC2 for a talking Tim Gunn bobblehead. We took the subway back uptown to Bryant Park. The holiday shops are nice, but definitely not diverse. Tons of jewelry, lots of knitted stuff, etc. I did get a second pair of earrings at Momo Glassworks, I wear the studs I bought last year constantly. I also got the coolest keychain / phone charm / doo-dad there:

Don't be jealous. There was a really cool stall selling bags made from chains of candy wrappers, magazines and the like, but it was definitely out of my budget.

When I got home I found out that I had a sale, from my husband's cousin, but hey! A sale is a sale, and he picked it up in person! I also had a convo telling me one of my items was featured on this blog- Andee's Designs. Does this mean I'm big in Germany, like David Hasselhoff?

What a good day!


ZenCrafter said...

I love that "Recycle or Be a Stupid Idiot"! I think my husband needs that little reminder every now and again.

I just posted a "Six Random Things" entry on my blog and have tagged you to play along. Come have a looksie but don't feel obligated to play.

Paperelle said...

It was love at first sight with that bag. Mind you, I picked up 3 other tote bags for free on Saturday, but I needed to support that artist. The great thing is that the next day I gave a pile of bags to my husband for the grocery trip. He left that one in the car, and underestimated how many bags he'd need. So he walked in with the idiot bag empty, but two plastic bags, lol!

Thanks for the tag, it could make for an interesting post...

Michelle said...

i'm glad you like the soap!