Thursday, December 18, 2008

Handmade Holidays for my sister

The package arrived yesterday, so I can finally post about these. It's been tough keeping mum, I really like everything I sent her! I cheated and posted them on flickr, which my family didn't know about, but now that's busted. C'est la vie! Onto the goodies-

The best part is that she called when it arrived, so I got to hear her open it. It really made my day!

The snowman is from this pattern, it's free but you'll need to register to see it.
The white and green yarns are my grandma's, but the red isn't. I finally ran out on Snowman #4!

The instructions for the large ornament, called a kusudama, are on folding trees:

The other star ornaments are from instructions that came with a pack of origami paper, but zencrafter posted an exhaustive tutorial here (as well as many variations, like wreaths):

The lucky star garland is about 6 feet long. All of the origami are made with Sephora holiday catalogs. I usually give my sister makeup for Christmas, but the budget is tight this year since DH and I are buying a co-op. I figured this was the next best thing!


Angie said...

What thoughtful gifts. Your sister is lucky! :)

Paperelle said...

Thank you, it was really great that she called when she opened them, it truly made all the work worth it to hear her reaction.