Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bright Orange & Yellow & Lime Origami Charm Bracelet

Just listed this morning! I'm wearing it as I type this, it's such a cute bracelet. I debated listing it on artfire, since you can put 10 photos there, but so far it hasn't lead to sales for me. Etsy it is! I've hit a few milestones there recently~ paperelle just topped 20 sales and 200 hearts! It makes me so happy that people like what I create. I have a huge backlog of stuff to photograph, and I'm only halfway through the samples I'm sending to the Spring Handmade Cavalcade.

Shop updates may be slow in the next few weeks, since my husband and I are closing on our new co-op tomorrow! It's scary to be emptying out our savings account, but we're ready to move. We close tomorrow, and this weekend is a painting party! A co-worker leant me her paint chip book of every color Benjamin Moore makes, it's awesome.

In silly chinchilla news- her cage door was left open while DH and I were at work yesterday...and we came home to find her sitting happily on her little house. She's hilarious, any other animal would've been gone in a flash! Silly Chilla.
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Anonymous said...

I love it!

I moved to artfire from Etsy. Have not had a single sale. *sigh*