Friday, March 20, 2009

Still moving!

This weekend is the final push to get all set up in the new co-op. It was tough to pack up all the crafting supplies! I'd like to share two really fun blogs with you all, both are created by the same fabulous person, Dani!

Cooking Llama
Do not visit if you are hungry! She bakes some really incredible goodies, like the above coconut custard pie...which may or may not have come from a magical coconut. Many of her recipes are adapted to be vegan, and they all look delicious.

The title really says so much! This is her journal all about her semester in Japan, which just started 3 days ago. I'm not sure how she managed to take this photo, but it's adorable. Her writing style is straighforward and a little quirky. I'm so excited for her, it sounds like an exciting and wonderful experience. Plus, there's Hello Kitty, so it can't be bad!

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